4:23 pm - 8:00 pm

As the holidays approach, SCRWP is hosting a Dinner & Discussion on "How to Respond to Racism from Family". We'll start with two groups for people of color and white folks to discuss separately the barriers to addressing race-related issues with family and overcoming complicity, then we'll unite in one group to discuss the issues all together and debrief on conversational dynamics in multi-racial spaces. 

Note that this SCRWP event is intended for those who are fully committed to doing the difficult, sometimes painful, work of anti-racism & helping others to become anti-racist also. Given the deeply racist society we live in, we aim to cultivate an environment of mutual respect and honesty at this event, where each person is willing to challenge the racism within themselves and also expressed by others. 

To that end, we ask each of you to arrive on time and stay committed to doing anti-racist work for the entirety of the discussion. Feel free to arrive at 5:50 pm to get settled in. 

We'll provide food and facilitated discussion. As usual for these Dinner & Discussion events, please bring your own water or other non-alcoholic beverage to drink.

For more details, please rsvp here: https://goo.gl/forms/TBLrMuCcG2GTznZ22

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