11:30 am - 8:30 pm

This time, we promise you something DIFFERENT.

Wharton Emerging Leaders Forum-China Chapter (WELF “C”), invites fifteen under-30 leaders to share, discuss, and inspire. These speakers pursue diverse passions in areas of Technology, Financial Entrepreneurship, Media & Entertainment and Social Entrepreneurship.

Aside from a public networking session, WELF”C” will also feature special "Roundtable Sessions". We ensure a speaker-to-student-ratio lower than 1:15 in these sessions, during which audiences will meet a speaker of their choice. We believe these sessions will encourage deeper and more personal conversations. 

We are not just holding a traditional forum. This time, we invite in speakers who share the same passion and confusions as ours. This time, we offer tangible opportunities to develop relationships and find career possibilities.

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